UE4 Assets - Procedural Nature Pack Vol.1

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Procedurally Generate almost any nature scene you can think of with these assets, textures, and blueprint!


- Demo scene to show use of assets and placement in a final looking scene

- Overview scene to show again more variations of assets and uses of the blueprints and materials

- Spline Generated rivers, trees, vines, branches, tree roots, and more!

- Procedurally Generated moss placement

- Terrain blended materials

- Turn tessellation on or off for almost all assets

- Paint foliage in engine with the Unreal foliage tools


- Over 70 Textures

- Over 55 Materials

- Over 40 Meshes

Technical Details

- Optimized assets with scaleable quality features inside of the materials

- All of the necessary assets have LOD's that cut the geo down by at least half at each LOD

- Assets range between (2 Tri's - 5238 Tri's)

- Average Texture size of 2048x2048 with some reaching up to 8k and 4k. Feel free to scale these for quality and performance

- Generally include (Albedo Map, Specular, Roughness, Ambient Occlusion, and Height map)


Purchase this pack here from the Unreal Marketplace

Intended Platform: Unreal Engine 4.10 - Current Build

- Windows


*This pack is almost 2GB and with all features enabled is recommended for higher-end PC's. The texture sizes at 8k and 4k and features can still be lowered or disabled to run on a wider variety of machines for your project. All features are recommended for best results*

License Info:

By Purchasing this product you are agreeing to the terms of service as laid out on the PurePolygons Inc. website. Commercial use of Textures and Assets is permitted and is non-transferable. The Commercial license of the assets must be purchased above in order for the assets to legally be used in a product for sale. Textures/Assets cannot be re-sold as is in asset or texture packs and must be embedded components of electronic games and interactive media and distribute such electronic game and interactive media. Such as a video game, movie, VR experience, or similar product. Licenses are single user only, unless otherwise stated. For more information please see the full terms and conditions here. Thank you,


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UE4 Assets - Procedural Nature Pack Vol.1

0 ratings
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