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Tutorial - Painted Wood Planks

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This tutorial is created in a "Walkthrough Format." Meaning we start from a completed substance material and I guide you through how I created the Substance, as well as my thought process behind setting up the graph. I also dive deeper into certain subjects and show specific examples by recreating parts of the graph. I have included the substance .sbs and .sbsar files, so you can follow along and see it for yourself! Let's have some fun! Thanks for the support :)

*Tutorial is for intermediate Substance Designer users. It assumes you have at least some understanding of the program*

This tutorial includes:

- 4 HD Videos for the walkthrough tutorial

- .sbs substance graph files

- .sbsar substance material

- 2+ Hours of Videos

- 4K Texture Sheets PNG of the finished graph

- Tutorial reference images

License Info:

By Purchasing this product you are agreeing to the terms of service as laid out on the PurePolygons Inc. website. Commercial use of Textures and Assets is permitted and is non-transferable. The Commercial license of the assets must be purchased above in order for the assets to legally be used in a product for sale. Textures/Assets cannot be re-sold as is in asset or texture packs and must be embedded components of electronic games and interactive media and distribute such electronic game and interactive media. Such as a video game, movie, VR experience, or similar product. Licenses are single user only. For more information please see the full terms and conditions here. Thank you,

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Tutorial - Painted Wood Planks

38 ratings
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