UE4 Assets - Modular Building Set

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The building is ready for Interiors!!

​Currently it is setup to only support interiors on the first floor of the building as presented in the video and screenshots. I have not created any interior propping or polish assets for this pack. Everything was created using the tiling textures and assets that I have provided in the pack. I would still recommend purchasing an interior props pack to use this feature to its fullest.

I have designed the assets to allow for swapping of multiple materials types. In most cases, the UV's and texture layouts allow for the use of up to 4 different material types on any given surface. Such as bricks, tiles, metal, and concrete. Color pick your own metal, tile, and cloth "IN-ENGINE" and even during run-time (this must be scripted) using my uniquely constructed shader networks. I have already provided some material instances with colors selected in the Engine for examples of color palettes. All Textures have been hand made by myself using mostly high-poly models sculpted in Zbrush or modeled in Maya for the highest quality shaders.

The pieces are completely modular and interchangeable with one another. Don't be afraid to be bold and try some unique and bizarre combinations and layouts with this pack. I think you will be surprised by its versatility.


- Demo scene to show variations of Assets and Material usage

- First Floor Interior store fronts with LOD's


- 137 Static Meshes

- 100 Materials

- 33 Decal Materials - From Rust, grunge, and even bird poop (Decal count included in Material Count)

- Store signs, Chinese Signs, Dirt and Rubble Piles

Technical Details:

- Optimized Assets with an average of 140 Tris

- Assets range between (2 - 1840) Tris

- Average Texture sizes of 2048x2048 to give the highest resolution possible, with smaller textures and Decals at 256x256 or 512x512

- Materials generally contain a Normal Map, Diffuse Map, Roughness map, and Specular Map ​

Intended Platform: Unreal Engine 4.09 - Current Build

- Windows


- Mobile

​- VR


Purchase this pack here from the Unreal Marketplace

License Info:

By Purchasing this product you are agreeing to the terms of service as laid out on the PurePolygons Inc. website. Commercial use of Textures and Assets is permitted and is non-transferable. The Commercial license of the assets must be purchased above in order for the assets to legally be used in a product for sale. Textures/Assets cannot be re-sold as is in asset or texture packs and must be embedded components of electronic games and interactive media and distribute such electronic game and interactive media. Such as a video game, movie, VR experience, or similar product. Licenses are single user only, unless otherwise stated. For more information please see the full terms and conditions here. Thank you,


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UE4 Assets - Modular Building Set

0 ratings
I want this!